100 Quotes by Charles Eames

  • editor: Carla Hartman & Eames Demetrios
  • publisher: Eames Office
  • designer: Design Guys
  • publication date: 2007
  • 200 pages, b/w
  • language: English, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish
  • isbn: 9780615174211
  • This book was published on occasion of the 'Charles Eames Photo Exhibition: 100 images x 100 words' at AXIS Gallery, Tokyo, 2008. (from the AXIS website) This exhibition commemorating the centennial of Charles Eames' birth introduces 100 of his photographs that have not been publicly shown previously in exhibitions, and 100 of his quotations.
  • Eames Office
  • AXIS




Nippon Gekijo Shashincho (Japan: A Photo Theater)

  • photographer: Daido Moriyama
  • text: Shuji Terayama
  • designer: Naomichi Kawabata
  • publisher: Shinchosha
  • publication date: December 1995
  • 218 pages, 148 b&w plates
  • isbn: 4106024187
  • This is a revised version. Original edition was published by Muromachi Shobo, 1968.
  • Moriyamadaido.com (official)
  • Wikipedia: Shuji Terayama


Takashi Homma: Tokyo

  • author: Takashi Homma
  • text: Ferdinand Brueggemann
  • designer: de.MO
  • publisher: Aperture Foundation
  • publication date: May 2008
  • 256 Pages, 125 color images
  • isbn: 9781597110594
  • Book Synopsis (from the publisher's site): For over a decade, Homma has turned his lens toward Tokyo's suburban environs and urban center. His vision of Tokyo navigates a finely nuanced line between sterility and sentimentality, presenting a sleek, contemporary vision of a postmodern megalopolis populated by a new generation of video game aficionados and enervated fashionistas.
    While he has published extensively inside his native Japan, this is Homo's first volume published for an international audience. Takashi Homma: Tokyo compiles selections from each of the artist's six previously published titles about the city, including Tokyo Suburbia, his seminal work now considered a contemporary classic.
  • Aperture Foundation: Takashi Homma: Tokyo
  • Gallery 360 Degrees
  • PhotoGuide Japan: Takashi Homma
  • amazon.com



Purple Anthology

  • concept: Olivier Zahm
  • editor: Mrrtynka Wawrzyniak
  • associate editor: Jordan Hruska
  • photo editing: Christophe Brunnquell, Elein Fleiss
  • texts: Bruce Benderson, Dike Blair, Elein Fleiss, Kim Gordon, Jordan Hruska, Gary Indiana, Sébastien Jamain, Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Jutta Koether, Bob Nickas, Gaëlle Obiégly, Glenn O'Brien, Jeff Rian, Stéphanie Moisdon, Eric Troncy, Olivier Zahm
  • illustrations: Christophe Brunnquell
  • editor, art director, designer: M/M (Paris)
  • publisher: Rizzoli International
  • publication Date: May 2008
  • 288 pages, full color
  • isbn: 9780847830206
  • from the publishers site: When those in the magazine industry need inspiration, they look to Purple. It has influenced countless other magazines and spawned trends that have trickled down through all levels of culture. To celebrate its fifteenth anniversary, this volume brings together the best in fashion, art, and culture from Purple’s illustrious history. Purple revolutionized fashion photography in the nineties by commissioning fine artists to shoot fashion editorials. What resulted was a raw, improvisational aesthetic, which continues to exert its power today. Many of our most promising artists contribute to Purple’s pages, including Terry Richardson, Juergen Teller, Jack Pierson, Richard Prince, John Currin, and Vanessa Beecroft. Among the celebrity muses who appear regularly are Kim Gordon, Chloe Sevigny, Kate Moss, Catherine Deneuve, and Vincent Gallo. Along with images, the book also presents essays by such renowned writers as Glenn O’Brien, Gary Indiana, and Dave Hickey. These texts further the book’s larger purpose: to chart the development of art and fashion during the past fifteen years. This is the ultimate deluxe collection for serious fashion, art, photography, graphic design, and magazine aficionados.
  • Rizzoli International: Purple Anthology
  • purple.fr


Beuys in Amerika


a dictionary of moving out