Takashi Homma: Tokyo

  • author: Takashi Homma
  • text: Ferdinand Brueggemann
  • designer: de.MO
  • publisher: Aperture Foundation
  • publication date: May 2008
  • 256 Pages, 125 color images
  • isbn: 9781597110594
  • Book Synopsis (from the publisher's site): For over a decade, Homma has turned his lens toward Tokyo's suburban environs and urban center. His vision of Tokyo navigates a finely nuanced line between sterility and sentimentality, presenting a sleek, contemporary vision of a postmodern megalopolis populated by a new generation of video game aficionados and enervated fashionistas.
    While he has published extensively inside his native Japan, this is Homo's first volume published for an international audience. Takashi Homma: Tokyo compiles selections from each of the artist's six previously published titles about the city, including Tokyo Suburbia, his seminal work now considered a contemporary classic.
  • Aperture Foundation: Takashi Homma: Tokyo
  • Gallery 360 Degrees
  • PhotoGuide Japan: Takashi Homma
  • amazon.com

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omg, you don't know how hard I've prayed for a site like yours to exist! I-LOVE-YOUR-BLOG!!! I have a small collection of art and photo books (obviously it doesn't compare to yours), and if you ever want a contributor for bookendless, just let me know, 'cause I'd love to help!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR WONDERFUL WORK!!!

kadee さんのコメント...

Wow these pics are so amazing, i spent some time in Tokyo and these take me back to then. I can't stop raving about this really cool book i just bought called Mateki and the magic flute (Yoshitaka Amano) Really beautiful book, great on my coffee table

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Oh yes, this book is great.

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