• author: Naruki Oshima
  • designer: Masuo Kuroda
  • publisher: Gallery White Room Tokyo
  • publication date: February 2008
  • 20 pages, full color
  • isbn: none
  • This is the catalogue of Naruki Oshima's photo exibition 'Reflections' at Gallery White Room Tokyo, 2008.
  • from the gallery's site: “Reflections” is the series presented in Japan and abroad since 2002, notably including the exhibition at the 9th Venice biennale in 2004, and has established high international recognition. Naruki Oshima captures the contiguous layered images reflected on the glass facade of the buildings facing to the urban streets as momentary visions of the cities. In his works, each ordinary scene is converted into extraordinary abstract image space. He intentionally breaks the lines and the aerial perspective of the images and by doing so to remove the visual rules, he succeeds to strengthen the continuity of seemingly puzzling visual phenomenon.
  • Naruki Oshima (official)
  • Gallery White Room Tokyo: Reflections
  • Galerie Heinz-Martin Weigand: Naruki Oshima

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