The Artist Publisher: A Survey by Coracle Press

  • publisher: Crafts Council Gallery
  • publication date: 1986
  • 64 pages, b/w
  • isbn: none
  • from the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE, Bristol's site: In 1986 Brian was responsible, with assistance from Simon and myself, for organising 'The Artist Publisher', an exhibition that went on at the Crafts Council Gallery in Waterloo Place, London SW1. The catalogue, which Brian edited, is an invaluable reference work examining the notion of artists’ publications in the widest possible sense while at the same time tracing the historical precedents that led to artists’ books. Brian died in 1999. A book commemorating his life and work 'The Printed Performance' (RGAP, 2000) gives an insight to his unique contribution to small-press publishing.
  • Coracle
  • from the Coracle's site: Coracle is a small publishing press directed by artist and writer Erica Van Horn and poet, artist and editor Simon Cutts from what was a small farm in between the hills of South Tipperary Ireland, since 1996. Before that time it was based in London from the nineteen seventies culminating in its last bookshop project workfortheeyetodo. In the nineties there was another base in Norfolk, England.
  • The Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE, Bristol
  • The Artist Turns to the Book (Getty Exhibitions)
  • Crafts Council

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