Nakaji Yasui 1903-1942: The Photography

  • photographer: Nakaji Yasui
  • texts: Nakao Yasui, Yuri Mitsuda, Norihiro Nakajima, Joe Takeba
  • publisher: Kyodo News, Tokyo
  • publication date: 2004
  • 322 pages, double tone
  • language: Japanese/English
  • This is the catalogue of the first full-scale retrospective of Japanese legendary photographer Nakaji Yasui titled 'Nakaji Yasui 1903-1942: The Photography' at The Shoto Museum of Art (Tokyo) & Nagoya City Museum, from 2004 to 2005. The catalogue has been published as the hardbound book after the exhibition (isbn: 9784764105423).
  • Wikipedia: Nakaji Yasui
  • amazon.co.jp

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