Global Tour: Art, Travel & Beyond

  • editorial coordinator: Ann Demeester, Laurence Perrillat, Mircea Cantor
  • designer: Mircea Cantor
  • publisher: W139
  • publication date: December 2005
  • 174 pages, full color
  • isbn: 9789081036719
  • This catalogue has been published on occasion of the exhibition 'Global Tour' from 2005-2006 at W139, Amsterdam.
  • from the W139 website: The Global Tour project, initiated and conceptualised by French curator Amiel Grumberg (1980-2004) brings together the work of twenty international artists who have each developed specific projects around the issues of travel and tourism, their many manifestations and their consequences for contemporary society. Launched in 2003, the project consists of an exhibition and a series of artistic actions designed to establish a dialogue between the art space and its immediate tourist environment.
  • You can see the exhibition information from the 'archive 05' of W139 website.
  • W139
  • on Amiel Grumberg: Version Magazine 05 (pdf)
  • on Mircea Cantor: Version Magazine, Mircea Cantor

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