Architectural Apocalypse

  • author: Ryuji Miyamoto
  • designer: Shoichi Akazaki
  • text: Ryuji Miyamoto (Foreword), Arata Isozaki ('Ruins')
  • publisher: Heibonsha
  • publication date: October 2003
  • language: Japanese/English
  • isbn: 9784582544268
  • 144 pages, varnished triple tone printing
  • This is a revised edition of Kimura Ihei Award winning Architectural Apocalypse, published by Heibonsha, 1988.
  • from author's foreword: The first edition of this collection of photographs came out in 1988. It all started from the demolition of Tokyo's Nakano Prison in 1983, after which I spent some five years closely observing the changing face of the city and its architecture.
  • Taro Nasu Gallery: Ryuji Miyamoto
  • Fuji Film: The Photographer: Ryuji Miyamoto (Japanese)

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